• Schloss Lembeck 2

    Schloss Lembeck 2I was lucky to visit the museum of Schloss Lembeck , a small castle surrounded by water,   situated in Westphalia. During a nice and informative walk through the rooms with their special rich decoration and the beautiful garden  with old trees and amazing views on the castle, we had the chance to spend a   sunny day in autum! Schloss Lembeck 2

    We had a young  guide  and  I learnt about the way transporting china , plates, cups and statues,  they put them  into butter barrels, such a funny and good idea ;-) 

    Deep deception though because of their postcards!  Old cards, strange perspectives, pale colours ! Cards done without love , without conviction! 

    I am persuaded that visitors would like to share the nice moment spent in the Castle of Lembeck, but no cards, no happiness !!



    Here, I want to present  a great cupboard, really impressing by its volume and height. It is a pity that the card is ugly! 

    One of my little nieces, five years old,  could have taken a better picture of this historical piece of furniture!!

    Im Deutschen nannte man solch ein Möbelstück "Prahlhans", denn es diente nur zur Zurschaustellung des Reichtums. 


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