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    Yesterday was a lovely date, 18 -08 - 18,  good for marriages, as you can read in the blog of my friend Karin Karyatiden. Today, Sunday , we have had a lovely sunny day, but I spent most of the time inside, reading, sleeping, and then writing cards.Today Last month, many cards were sent with the German  ID , because I was in Westphalia in my mom's home.  

    When I came back to France, I was happy, so happy to find cards from friends Today who had been traveling and from some postcrossers all around the world.  

    So, today I wrote new cards to Finland, to Lithuania, to Germany, to Canada, to Taiwan.  I even put some nice stickers on them. Bon voyage to all my cards!

    A card from Dôle where I met other postcrossers, and the well known statue in Lille and the song in dialect: 



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